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2019 Student Council Election

At 3 pm on September 16, 2019, IVY held a general meeting of the student union in the lecture hall on the third floor. The conference kicked off in the speech of the host (Zhang Pengxuan, Lan Dongze). First of all, Zhang Pengxuan gave a brief introduction to the composition and responsibilities of the student council. Then, each candidate started the campaign speech. The speech content was divided into two parts: self-introduction and future work prospects. The 8 candidates showed their ambition with their own speeches. In order to uphold the principles of democracy, fairness and justice, the students voted on the spot, sang tickets, and determined the final members. The results of the election are as follows:


Vice Chairman: Su Shuyang

Secretary: Zhang Enmei

Accounting: Ruan Chuhan

Event Planning: Li Zhenchi

Art Director: Jiang Wenzhao

Congratulations! Hope they can work hard, and they will be able to show their ambitions, contribute to the student union, and build a better student council!

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