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Weihai youth's study trip to Huacheng, Korea

I still remember that in August 2018,dozens of colorful sailboats set sail at Weihai half Moon Bay with the blue seaand blue sky. This is a cultural exchange activity organized by the IvyInternational School for 2018 young people from China and South Korea. Thirtyteenagers from Huacheng and Weihai, South Korea, conducted friendly sailingexchanges.

From July 26 to July 30 this year, WuXuejun, the principal of the Ivy International School, personally led 14 Weihaiteenagers to Huacheng, South Korea, for five days of friendly culturalexchanges and research activities on sailing boats. The young people of the twocountries are sailing together in the waters of South Korea, visiting Huachenghistorical sites and modern science and technology. "the acquaintance ofthe country lies in the blind date of the people, and the blind date of thepeople lies in the communication between the hearts of the people." In thecontext of the national "Belt and Road Initiative" policy, suchspontaneous non-governmental friendly exchanges are of far-reachingsignificance and precious.


Huacheng-a city bound by sailing boats

Huacheng, South Korea, located in thesouthwest of Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, bordering on the Yellow Sea, is animportant industrial city and one of the fastest growing cities in South Korea.In ancient times, Huacheng was an important city of the Maritime Silk Road inthe Tang Dynasty. Since modern times, the communication between Weihai City andHuacheng City originated from the realization of maritime navigation betweenChina and South Korea in 1992.

The origin of Ivy International School andHuacheng has to start with sailing boats. Weihai and Huacheng, both coastalcities, have unique conditions for the development of water sports. In 2009,President Wu and his friends sailed to South Korea for the first time and cameto Huacheng City, where they were warmly received by the Huacheng SailingAssociation and other friends. Their common interest in sailing boats and thehistorical friendly relations between the two cities made this friendly visitvery successful. It has also laid a good foundation for the continued exchangesbetween the two sides in the future. Since then, President Wu has been sailingto Huacheng, South Korea almost every year, and the leaders of the KoreanHuacheng Sailing Association and the Sports Bureau have also visited the IvyInternational School many times, and the two sides have communicated on thefriendly exchange and cooperation of sailing culture. The cultural exchangebetween China and South Korea in 2018 and 2019 was also the result of manyclose interactions between President Wu and Huacheng.


During the cultural exchange betweenChinese and Korean teenagers, 14 Chinese children walked into Huacheng, andHuacheng gave a warm reception. Zheng Shenghao, director of the Huacheng Bureauof Culture, Tourism and Education, said: "this will be an opportunity forChinese young people to understand Huacheng and expand the marine leisure baseof the two cities. It is hoped that active exchanges will continue in variousfields in the future. " While listening to the Huacheng receptionist tellthe history of Huacheng and President Wu's contribution to the exchangesbetween the two countries, the children said that it was precisely because ofthe spirit of "planting trees before them and sharing the cool for futuregenerations" that they benefited so much.


Students' feelings

Wu Yunjie: I would like to thank ourschool's diplomatic Ambassador Wu Xuejun (that is, my father) for coming toHuacheng this time because he has had a deep friendship with this city for tenyears. He also loves sailing very much and is the president of Weihai YachtAssociation. The first time he and his partners drove a galleon to Korea, hewent to the Huacheng, where he made many uncles and aunts who loved sailing andbecame good friends. I would also like to thank all the leading teachers fortaking care of our naughty children patiently. I am also very grateful to theuncles and aunts of Korea. I hope that the uncles and aunts of Korea will havetime to come to Weihai to play. Give me a chance to be a passionate littlehost.

Li Zihan: there is an old saying:"former people plant trees, future generations enjoy the cool."President Wu of Weihai, China, made friends with friends in Huacheng, SouthKorea through sailboats. There are very rich feelings between this, in orderfor future generations to learn from each other's customs and history, andenhance the feelings of the two countries, we have this study, but also thisstudy, let me benefit a lot.

Zhang Pengxuan: this time, the reason whywe have been treated with high standards by the relevant departments of theHuacheng government, what we should all be most grateful to is President Wu,the diplomatic ambassador, because he has tied up with this city because of hissailing boat and has a deep affection for ten years. To have these 14children's beautiful summer Huacheng memory. This morning, we went to visit Tangcheng,a mountain full of ginkgo trees. As soon as we asked about it, we knew that itwas planted by the people ten years ago. The two things are inextricablylinked. I wonder if the children will ask me in their hearts what I can do forthe world. What do you leave for our next generation?

Touch the history and modern pulse of thefriendly city Huacheng

In the eyes of children, the city ofHuacheng is not only full of historical charm, but also full of modern flavor,showing a special style in the intersection of history and modern times. Thetrip to Huacheng was also a study trip. The children visited many historicalbuildings and monuments in Huacheng, including Huacheng Local Museum, LongjianMausoleum, and Longzhu Temple. Also visited the UNESCO records of the WorldCultural Heritage site Longjian Mausoleum and the three Kingdoms erainternational trade port Tang Cheng restored to the same place.


The important port of the Maritime SilkRoad in the Tang Dynasty was the Korean Peninsula. 1400 years ago, Weihai StoneIsland had realized navigation with Tangcheng, South Korea, with closenon-governmental trade and frequent exchanges. Today, the children themselvesstand next to the historical sites and imagine the friendly interaction betweenthe ancients of the two countries thousands of years ago. Now they havefollowed the footsteps of the ancients to this friendly city to write a newchapter in the history of the future.

In addition, we also walked into the famousSamsung Enterprise Innovation Museum to experience the technology andinnovation of this first-class company, and at the same time, we experienceddrone technology and learned drone assembly, control and scientific knowledge.Finally, I went to Huacheng Ocean ACADEMY Research Society to experience PCsimulation. These modern scientific and technological trips let everyone feelthe modern and developed side of Huacheng.


Student' feelings

Zhang Gaoyuan: we visited Longjianling andLongzhu Temple, felt the friendship between China and South Korea for thousandsof years, and also experienced the different customs and historical storiesbetween Korea and China. When we visited the largest Samsung company in SouthKorea, as soon as we stepped into the door of the company, we were shocked bythe high technology here. High technology makes our life more convenient. Wehave to learn scientific and technological knowledge and contribute to thedevelopment of the country.

SunnyI think Korea is a developed country, which has high technology andhigh quality citizen. People in the country almost are well-educated. Human andnature could live together peacefully. After this trip, I have increased myknowledge and broadened my horizon. It was this trip that inspired me to studyhard and make contributions to my country in the future.

Liu Bingchen: in the drone experience, weskillfully control one drone after another. It not only develops our hand-eyecoordination ability, but also enables us to learn about drones. When we worktogether, looking down from above through the cameras on the VR and drones, wefeel the heroic passion that "one day I will always climb to the top ofyou and see the small mountains around us."

With the sailboat as the carrier, thefriendly exchanges between the young people of China and South Korea

The most interesting thing for children totalk about this exchange is sailing boats. On July 28, children visited theHuacheng Marine Academy at the largest port of Marina en in the capital circle,received an education in water sailing, and sailed in the waters near JifuIsland under the name of "cruising Cruz Island."

It was drizzling, and although the sky wasnot beautiful, it did not affect the excitement and excitement of the childrenin the heart. In the morning, the children sailed out to sea together and brokethrough the waves. Each child experienced the feeling of taking the helmhimself, and as the little captain they became braver and more decisive. Afterthe children finished sailing, they also watched a very meaningful sailingdocumentary, in which the protagonists travel around the world without fear ofstrong winds and waves and conquer the sea, which makes them understand thegreatness of their dreams.


The education of sailing boats has come toa perfect end. Huacheng Ocean College has issued certificates of completion tothe children, praising them for mastering the basic knowledge of sailing andbravely riding the wind and waves at sea. I hope you will continue to maintainyour enthusiasm for sailing and sailing.

Students' feelings

Liu Bingchen: when the sailboat set out, wewere caught in a storm, but we did not flinch and "marched" in thestorm. The seagulls hovered on both sides of the ship's side, and we tookadvantage of the wind and waves and opened white holes in the sea.

XuanThe activity that still be remembered is the sailing, which is thecause why we can recognise together.We can take the sailing boat to move toKorea .So trying the sailing is very necessary.Although the weather broke myexciting mood, we also feed the sea gulls on the boat to find the pleasure.

Shen Zhiyong: in the stormy weather, wecame to the port with interest, went out to sea on a yacht, and experienced theresponsibility of being a captain. As long as we conquered the sea, we couldlook up at the stars. We also fed the seagulls up close. We also watched adocumentary about Korean sailing heroes traveling around the world, which tellsa story about dreams! If a man has no dream, what is the difference between aman and a salted fish? May each of us find our dreams and have shining and puresouls!

Weihai and Huacheng, across the Yellow Seatwo cities facing each other, because the sailboat interpretation of a movingstory. Under the leadership of President Wu of the Ivy International School,there will be more sailing activities in the two cities of China and SouthKorea, and youth sailing activities will continue to be held in Weihai andHuacheng. Let the young people of the two countries establish friendshipbecause of sailing boats, but also love sailing boats more because of theirexchanges with each other.


XuanThe activity that still be remembered is the sailing, which is the cause why we can recognise together.We can take the sailing boat to move to Korea .So trying the sailing is very necessary.Although the weather broke my exciting mood, we also feed the sea gulls on the boat to find the pleasure.