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The British mayor personally received these little guests!

The grand ambition of ancient civilization,the former glories of magnificent architecture;The classical and modern reflecteach other, the vast expanse of the western world.Britain, the ancient empireof poetry and civilization,Write brilliantly in a red haze.At this moment, agroup of children from China enjoying the history and culture of Britain.Wanderingin British colleges, museums, city halls, etc.They are the friends of the IvyLeague British research camp.15 days, British host family, students from allover the world,In-depth study in British schools, in-depth visits to historicalplaces of interest.What they gain is the knowledge and spiritual wealth whilewalking.

Learn in England:Gloucester Collegein-depth study


The Ivy League British School of Studies isGloucester College. Gloucester College is a cooperative institution of the IvyLeague International School. Located in Chettenham, Gloucester College is amodern university with excellent teaching quality. With a long history of morethan 160 years of higher education, its students come from 28 countries,including Asia, Europe and Africa. In this studies, the children of the IvyLeague study camp study and live together in the same class as students fromRussia, Denmark, Japan, Greece and other continents in this "Little UnitedNations" school.

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The first thing I did when I arrived inGloucester College was to divide classes. Teachers Niki, Maxine and Irena ofthe school conducted English proficiency tests for the students, including testquestions, composition and oral interviews, and successfully scored to thecorresponding classes. The children of the Ivy League research camp wereassigned to 11 classes, and on the second day of their arrival in the UK,classes began, and teachers taught English to the level of internationalstudents, mainly listening and speaking. After a few days of immersive Englishlearning, children felt that their English had improved, and boldly open their mouths to communicate with teachers andstudents.

Besides learning English in class, thereare many campus activities waiting for you. In the school gymnasium andplayground, children play volleyball, soccer, badminton and other sports withclassmates from other countries. During the period, there was also a yogastudy, practicing yoga full of oriental wisdom in the UK, which made thechildren feel new, and the boys automatically joined the yoga team.

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In the campus activities, manual activitieshave been praised by everyone. The designing personalized T-shirt patternsrequires everyone to give full play to their creative ability and paintingability. The British Empire Cake Show not only satisfies everyone's taste buds,but also is full of creative elements. Make music videos to test people's videoproduction ability, ask children to conceive video pictures, background musicand narration, go out to shoot video material, and finally use computers,mobile phones or PAD clips to make videos.

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Feel England:Walk into Chettenham

Weihai and Chettenham have been friends forover 30 years. On the third day of their arrival, the mayor and his entouragereceived Ivy League "little guests" from afar with the standardenthusiasm of officially receiving foreign guests, and the children preparedgifts with Chinese characteristics for the mayor and congressmen.


Everyone incarnate as a small"diplomatic ambassador", together into the city hall, visit thecouncil, municipal structure and so on. The children also prepared a number ofquestions, such as urban governance and environmental issues, the country'sevaluation of Winston, what to think of 5G and so on. They were surprised bythese topical and deep questions, while the 5G question baffled the mayor.

In Chettenham, people also visited the citylibrary, the art center, the opera house, the museum, the city park, the churchand so on. Everywhere they went, the leading teachers, Monica and Patric, wouldtell the story of the city in detail. This allows the children to understandthe ideas carried by the monument, the pious faith in the church, theinspiration of the collision at the art exhibition, the youthful vitality ofthe new city, and the heavy details of the ancient buildings. To the surpriseof the children, Weihai, a friendly city in Chettenham, has its own signs onthe streets, quietly accompanying foreign pedestrians passing by.

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Famoius school visit:The academicatmosphere of Oxford

Oxford University is a world-renownedpublic research university, which is recognized as one of the top highereducation institutions in the world today. Oxford University has folmed   a group of leading scientific masters,trained a large number of art masters and heads of state. This time, childrenare excited to come to christ church college, a famous college at OxfordUniversity, which is also the venue of the famous Harry Potter School ofWitchcraft. Walking here, we feel classical, quiet and simple, the campus isfull of beautiful Gothic minarets, simple and elegant filled with a strongacademic atmosphere.

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The students also visited the world'soldest museum in Oxford, including ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and Rome andmany other historical relics on display here. During the visit, we werefascinated by the precious historical relics, carefully studied theirprovenance and age, and contemplated the wisdom and greatness of differenttimes of the nations of the world. Children also walk in the crisscross streetsof Oxford City, feeling the historical and cultural charm of Oxford City.

Urban harbor:The city language of Bristol

Bristol, founded in 1542, is one of theeight core cities in England and has been an important commercial port sincethe Middle Ages. Today, Bristol is an important space, high-tech, financial andtrade center in the UK, as well as a commercial, educational and culturalcenter in the southwest of the UK.

On their fourth day in England, thestudents visited the ancient port city. Bristol has beautiful ports, proudsailboats and yachts. The friends visited the famous SS Great Britain, asteamship that sails from Bristow to New York.

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You also boarded the towering tourist towerCabot Tower, to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Bristol. Cabot is the name of aGenoa sailor, from which Cabot sailed and finally discovered the Newfoundlandregion of Canada in 1497, and Bristow became Britain's gateway to the newworld. The tower was built in memory of Cabot, 's name in 1896.

In Bristol Catholic Cathedral, this ancientspectacular and charming church reminds children of Notre Dame, making peoplefeel sacred and spectacular. It is worth mentioning that the Ivy Leagueresearch team also ran into local marchers who called for environmentalprotection and less meat consumption.

Students'understanding of study:My firstweek in England

Ivy International School studentsFrank

Life will never be muchbetter if you live in this town in England , thats my own view. You canexperience a perfectly relax and comfortable life over here the climate wont be changeable in this area, the sun always rise every morning. Itseems that things will never become bad in this town. Maybe I will never knowif all the people living here are nice guys, but Im sure that Im living with alovely family. Tasty food can always appears on our dinner table, we are alwayslooking forward to seating behind of the dinner table.

Daily life in the college also cant be better. To be honest, study with students from multiplecountries is the best study experience I have ever had. We share some interestingstuffs from our own countries in our free time. Also, the class is much moreinteresting than that of China. We always talk things about emotions that wewill never study in Chinese class, this can also help us to learn knowledgeboth about English and life.

Ivy League student: Cong Yanling

I remember the first day, I just arrived atthe host family. My heart was full of apprehension, but this kind of worry iscompletely unnecessary. The parents of the host family warmed my restless heartwith practical actions. From the basic diet of life, to meticulous care, can bedescribed as meticulous. Touching and thought-provoking.

I feel a lot more than that. The studentsat Gloucester made me really feel the British education. Also reallyexperienced the warmth between people, between students almost everything totalk about. Whether it is with domestic students or with foreign students. Theyare all warm and touching me all the time.

Ivy League student: Zhou Yukang

Our school is very avant-garde, completelyup to the pace of the times, we use iPad classes, with different regions,different countries to make friends with children. It seems that the problem oflanguage communication is no longer a problem. I have a good relationship withmy classmates, so I have a lot of friends. Our teacher is also very amiable.

This week in England, we went toChettenham, Oxford, and although we were busy, we took the time to meet themayor. It was a good time to come to England and gained the strength offriendship, knowledge and unity. I made international friends such asEdgar,William,luce, of course. Sun Kai, Ju Honglin and Li Weiqi, these Chinesefriends who are traveling with me, are deepening their feelings day by day.

Ivy League student: Zhang Shen Zhongzheng

I have been in Chettenham for a week. Ihave gained a lot during this time. I especially like the ball games in myschool. My classmates from Italy taught me to play volleyball. During his visitto the city hall, the mayor received us warmly and patiently answered ourquestions. The British parents of the host family are very kind to me. They arenot only concerned about our daily life, but also chat with us every day. MyBritish father cooks very well. Every time I say "This food is verydelicious", he smiles at me and feels very kind. I like Britain very much.I hope I will have the opportunity to study in England again in the future!

A week of British study has brought greatbenefits to the children. In a foreign country, the children learn Englishtogether, have a good time with international students, and feel the warmth ofa foreign country in a British host family. Appreciate the western historicalcivilization in visiting famous schools, historical places of interest andhumanistic architecture. Next, the students continued their study trip in theUK, experiencing new highlights in their study and walking.