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IVY Chemistry Teacher Emily | stimulating students' interest in learning

Emily, Master of Chemistry degree, published 2 papers and 1 patent research in IF, an international authoritative journal during his postgraduate period. According to the characteristics of international courses, advanced international teaching methods are adopted to innovate classroom teaching, inspire students’ learning and mobilize their learning enthusiasm. More than 70% of the students are taught with A-A* scores, and the teaching methods receive students’ support.

The detail of an interview with Mr. Emily is as follows:

01  When did you come to IVY? What are the gains in IVY?

I came to IVY in 2016. During the two years I worked here, I gained a lot. I not only honed and refined myself in teaching ability, but also gained the kinship and friendship with my colleagues and students. More importantly, I saw that my students were admitted to the ideal foreign famous schools one by one, which made me feel particularly successful. IVY's working atmosphere makes me understand what dedication is as a teacher.

02  Compared with the general chemistry course in China, what are the characteristics of IVY chemistry course?


In my opinion, compared with domestic general chemistry, IVY chemistry has the greatest characteristic of experimental teaching. British CAIE chemistry experiment teaching materials and the implementation scheme of chemistry experiment teaching provide a lot of opportunities for students to think creatively and experiment. At the same time, it pays special attention to the training of students' safety and scientific techniques. and pays attention to students' experience in the experiment process. Its experimental evaluation method fully guarantees the cultivation of students' practical ability. Every year, we hold the Science Demo Science Experiments Exhibition and carry out a variety of experimental activities. The domestic general chemistry experiment teaching mainly highlights the role of teachers' demonstration experiment and the standardization of students' experimental operation, focusing on the accuracy of students' experimental results, and its experimental evaluation method can not fully guarantee the realization of students' experimental ability training objectives.

03   How do you foster students' interests in chemistry?

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Interest is the best teacher, the motive force for students to explore knowledge, and the spiritual source of invention and creation. I mainly cultivate students'interest in chemistry from the following aspects:

Strengthen experimental teaching and cultivate interest in learning. Chemistry is a natural science based on experiments. The role of experiments in chemistry teaching can not be ignored. Let the students operate and feel the charm of chemistry experiment.

Use new teaching methods to stabilize interest in learning. My review class is organized in the form of group PK competition. Students can use PPT, structural model, blackboard writing and other methods to summarize and organize knowledge points. In the fierce discussion and competition, students' fun can not be described in words. This method can enable students to participate in the classroom more actively, the classroom atmosphere is active, students' adaptability is improved, learning interest is strong, knowledge is more firmly grasped.

Develop a variety of extracurricular activities to develop interest in learning. We set up chemical clubs to organize students to visit and study in University laboratories. Students can feel a strong academic atmosphere and know more experimental instruments, which stimulate students' interest in learning chemistry.

04  What are your teaching ideas?

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To cultivate students' individuality, we should pay attention to the progress and development of each student. IVY adopts a small class teaching system, which can make our teachers pay full attention to every student. Establish students' principal position, communicate with students in time, respect students and help students solve problems in teaching. In the two years of IVY, I have become good friends with many students, and I think it is inseparable from my teaching philosophy.

Have the consciousness of teaching reflection. In ordinary teaching, I constantly reflect on my teaching methods, "Is my teaching effective?" "What kind of teaching is more effective?" "Is there a more effective teaching method than mine?" Through continuous reflection, we can not only find out the reasons for students' confusion, but also find out the shortcomings in our teaching in time, which greatly improves our teaching ability.

05  What are the requirements of Chemistry for students' thinking ability?

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In learning chemistry, the main thinking abilities required are:

Students should have the ability of abstract thinking. In the process of cultivating students' abstract thinking, chemistry teachers can use the progress of technology to visualize many abstract scientific concepts and models and help students explore phenomena that are difficult to observe directly. For example, organic chemistry requires students to master the physical and chemical properties of organic matter with different functional groups. We use the bat model to provide students with intuitive structural display.

Students should have certain logical thinking and learn to summarize. For example, in reviewing, we should first grasp the core concepts of each chapter and clarify the context between concepts, which is more important than understanding the concept itself. Generally, I will guide students to draw mind maps. I think this method is very useful.

06  Among the students you teach, are there any students who have taken the road of chemistry specialty because they love chemistry?

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My favorite student, Felicia, succeeded in taking the chemistry major at University College London. During her two years of teaching chemistry, she has released her passion for learning chemistry in almost every class. We changed from teachers and students to friends, and she did her best to accomplish every learning task I assigned. She likes to stay in the laboratory after class to help me prepare experimental instruments and equip experimental solutions. I also try to arouse her enthusiasm in learning chemistry. She said, Miss Emily, chemistry is really interesting. After studying chemistry, I will go to observe more brilliant colors in chemistry.

07  Do IVY have any extracurricular activities about chemistry? What are the effects of these activities on students?

We have Bio-Chemistry Club, which is our club's activity time every Thursday. The aim of the club is to expand students'professional knowledge and apply textbook knowledge to scientific experiments. We have been to the brewery, the Chemistry Laboratory of Shandong University and so on. These activities have aroused students'interest. We started a new research project this year, chicken hatching, look forward to our success!

08  Sending messages to students?

I hope that all my students can get into the schools they are satisfied with, have a colorful future like fireworks and reactions, and be as strong as Aqua regia, solve all the difficulties and be all the rage...