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Travel Study in America—Just to See You across the Ocean

Travel can broaden the mind and enrich the soul. This summer, we left our familiar land to travelling far away across the ocean, just to experience another culture and expand our knowledge of the world.

In Sep. 2017, students from Weihai IVY Travel Study Tour, started their journey to America. After a 16-hour long flight, they finally landed in North America.

Students visited the iconic building The Statue of Liberty which was a gift sent by the French Government for 100 years of independence of America.Walking along the famous Wall Street which is also known as the “American Financial Center”, we noticed the street is not broad or even narrow, tall buildings stand on either side of street, colorful flags flutter in the breeze, here is the place gathering the most cutting-edge wisdom in global financial market.

Students visited Harvard University in Boston where lots of famous schools in eastern America gathered. This institution of higher education with 300 years of history has been the dream school of elite students from all over the world. Two students from the School of Arts and Science of Harvard gave them excellent tour.

We took a photo with the principal of Harvard. It is said that people who touch his left foot would be admitted to Harvard!After students visited Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), one of the world’sleading universities for science, technology and management.Walking in the campus, the free academic atmosphere and the rigorous academic style,all of these delicately infected the students. Perhaps this is the smell of knowledge and dreams. After visiting Harvard and MIT, students left Boston fora new city Philadelphia which was once the capital of America and was first included in the world heritage city. We visited the world- Aerospace Museum, students learned the complex physics, aviation history, and explored the mystery of the vast sky.

Stepping into Lincoln Memorial which was built in 1921, students saw the statue of the16th President of the United States-Abraham Lincoln. They were ableto experience his integrity and humanity. We learned he once said “The government of the people, by the people and for the people will always be long so that our country will be free forever under the blessing of God”

Although we came from the other side of the ocean, we understood the importance of peacefor people of different countries.

Only in the peaceful world, we can communicate and learn from each other for better development.In sunny California, students were arranged into different home stay families andstarted to enjoy their new life in America. They entered different classes according to their age. Through the study of science, PE, art, digital andvisual communication, etc. they experienced an authentic American education.

Travelling is also a journey of making dreams. Through this visit, dreams are silentlyrooted in the heart of the students. One day, they will study in those famousuniversities and become the shining stars in the field of their dreams!