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Youth Town Hall Debate Competition November 26, 2017

Lance the ICT teacher from IVY International School attended the Youth Town Hall Debate Competition on November 26, 2017. The debate competition was in anAmerican progress system where there were bills to be presented to the otherdebaters that would propose to pass these bills as laws. There were 4 billsthat were presented at this debate:

·        Allowing citizens to text message the 110 emergencyservices

·        Providing public bike sharing facilities in highly populated areas

·        Reform universities and colleges to allow higher education mainly in more hands on training

·        Allow citizens to have gay marriages and same sexrelationships

IMG_20171029_141758---Opening Ment.jpgIMG_20171028_154850-- Motion released.jpg

There were three students that presented these bills to the debaters while Lance presented the bill to allow citizens to text message the 110 emergency services.

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IVY International School had two participants at this debate competition, Godwin and Cynthia. While they did not present the bills they offered their opinionsand arguments for some of the bills that were presented.

Cynthia presented some strong arguments against the bike sharing facilities highly populated areas. She argued that the bike sharing facilities would be toocostly for the bike companies and the government to fund. She also argued thatit could also lead to pollution and damage to the city’s neighbourhoods as she believed that the people would not always treat the bikes with respect and thiswould lead to these highly populated areas being filled with damaged, misplacedor disregarded bikes all over the place. And finally she argued about the factof how this would affect the less populated areas, how could these areas usethese bikes to their advantage if the bike sharing facilities were nowhere nearthem.

Godwin offered supporting arguments for the bill that would allow citizens to have gaymarriages and same sex relationships. He supported the idea that citizensshould be allowed their human right to choose who they want to be with. He alsoargued that he supports the idea of being able to raise a diversity of people.

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