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IVY Brings You up to the International Elite Circle

Last Saturday, Weihai IVY International School welcomed “The Second Elite Overseas Students China Lecture Circuit” on campus. Two doctors from the University of Cambridge, Michel Haddad and Zhang Chuchu brought us the authentic Cambridge University education concept, conveyed the value of studying in top global universities, and introduced the application strategy in detail. Under the instruction ofthis high-end lecture, all participating students and parents have got so much.

Dr.Michel, from Brazil, is a PhD in land economics at the University of  Cambridge. He was a research associate of the new development research center of FGV in Brazil. He has a good command of Portuguese, Spanish, Englishand has participated in several international project studies on Latin American macroeconomics and development.

Dr.Michel introduced the long history, scientific research achievement andacademic overview of Cambridge. He also shared with us the following topics:

How to study at the University of Cambridge?

How to maintain your ability to study hard?

What is the value of study at a world top universities?

How to make yourself an elite student?

Dr.Zhang Chuchu has a PhD in politics and international studies at the Universityof Cambridge. She has a good command of English, French and Arabic and hasserved as an assistant in the Development Research Center of the State Counciland China-Middle East relations program, as well as a project analyst ofnational philosophy social science planning office, Tianjin, China.

Dr.Zhang put forward the idea that, “success breeds success”, what you can getfrom the world top universities is an excellent team and extensive socialnetwork resources. Whether you want to go further in your education or startyour career planning, the most cutting-edge education environment will provideyou with a better platform and a higher starting point.

WeihaiIVY International School has high quality teacher resources and an international campus atmosphere; all foreign teachers come from countries like Britain and America. IVY provides students with an authentic English teaching environment and cultivates students’ international vision. Meanwhile, IVY has a unique and professional college counselling team from which students can get their personalized college application plan.

Nomatter if applying to ancient Europe and free North America or Harvard, Yale or Cambridge, IVY will help you to achieve your dream school. From IVY to worldtop universities – your way to become part of the international elite!