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A Visit to Remember

The 2013 winter camp is doomed to be a lifelong memorable holiday for Weihai Ivy International Preparatory School students. These campers departed from Weihai on January 3o, by Hong Kong direct flight to London. The purpose is for the students to visit, together with other students all over the world the University of Cambridge, and see the Cambridge hundred years good academic atmosphere, experience cultural exchange and excellent academic course.

Cambridge University was founded in 1209, the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world and the world's fourth-oldest surviving university. It grew out of an association of scholars. It is located in an ancient street, along with strong wood, beautiful campus, and halcyon romantic gentle waves, solemn and elegant. Cambridge gushed out countless stars of science and technology, and their stories, all of which outlines the features of Cambridge.

Some places are still kept since the middle ages of style by Cambridge University; it is full of solemn and elegant ancient buildings, the porch of the gate and colorful murals. The elite students from all over the world came here. They also visited  the Queen’s Campus, then had  a day visit to London.

London is located on both sides of the river Thames downstream, it is one of world’s largest modern international city, and also is British political, economic, cultural and transportation center, one of the largest seaport and the most important industrial city. London is a historical site city,  Buckingham palace, the Prime Minister Mansion, Big Ben (symbol of Britain), the British Museum, the collection of the world’s high-quality goods, famous assemble of Madame Wax doll pavilion, the dividing line between the eastern and western hemispheres Greenwich observatory, and many more are present here. It is also dynamic and has a variety of opera, music, movie, dance and visual arts.

Everyone really cherished the opportunity. The trip laid a solid foundation for the students’’ future to experience such a world of Cambridge school life.