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Meet the world, meet a new self| The summer study tour in UK chapter of ivy in 2016

Study Tour

More profound than the travel, richer than the curricula

14 days

At the London College of language

Accept the official certification ESL course

Comprehensively improve the pure English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability


Visit the top universities on the world

Walking at the old University’s campus of British

Full range of experience to the bottom of a hundred-years-old well-known university

14 days

Stay in the local host family

Experience the most authentic Daily life in the UK

exchange cultures with Zero distance, make international friendship

14 days

A journey of famous cultural city in UK

Experience the exotic impact of British style

To explore the material civilization and cultural heritage of the hundred years Empire

Exploring exotic culture: Depth exploration of the British cultural city, the historical culture and the natural scenic spots in the UK.

Improve language skills: Experience the English education in the local middle school, ESL course learning for official certification, Immersed in a pure English environment, Comprehensively improve the pure English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability.

Develop interpersonal communication: live in the British local host family, Experience the real life of British residents, communicate with local residents and teenager, enhance communication skills, expand the international communication circle.

Planning for the future life: Visiting Britain's top universities, University of Cambridge ,University of Oxford , King's college, etc. Feelings of the world's elite thick, inspire students to bury their dreams, exert oneself.

14 days

Meet the world

Meet a new self

We are fully equipped for,

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Ivy Tour, not the same wonderful tour!

Detailed schedule

The English classroom experience tour

Age: 13-25

Departure date: Mid July 2016

Telephone: 0631-5127897,5127893