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More profound than travel, richer than the class| The summer study tour of Ivy in the United States

Study Tour

More profound than travel, richer than the class

The summer overseas study tour of Ivy in the United States in 2016, according to the different needs from the students with different age, and open two lines "To experience the elite curricula for leader in the future of Harvard University ", "To join the classes of San Diego’s International course ", take you to see the style of the top professor’s class and feel the Academic information of a famous school , experience the pure exotic, harvest the difference of the growth between "travelling" and "learning"!

14 days

Approach the course of Harvard and MIT

Listen to Professor Pro the elite curricula for leader in the future of Harvard University

Enjoy the fun of the mind "free storm"

14 days

Visiting the top universities in the United States

Walking in the ancient Campus with the details deep inside

experience the world – renowned top-ranking academic atmosphere

14 days

Join in the Santiago local school

Accept the most authentic American course education

Improve the learning method, arouse the interest of study

14 days

Stay in the local host family

Experience the most authentic British daily life

exchange cultures with Zero distance, make international friendship

14 days

Enjoy the tour in the five largest American cities

get along well with  the famous landmarks and scenic spots

experience the Historical culture and local customs and practices of the USA

14 days

Get the six skills

Innovative thinking:

Harvard professor Pro compulsory taught at Harvard elite, enjoy the freedom of mind and speculative. MIT professor, tutor Pro Award Science enlightenment required course.

Planning ability:

Harvard and MIT professors unique way of leading the way to inspire students' leadership potential,  so that the growth of students to understand the new pattern of today's social leadership.

Mature mind:

Refuse to be the flowers in the greenhouse, the courage to face the difficulties in solving life and learning difficulties, to change the habits of life, exercise mode and thinking mode.


Students will be discussed in the topic of the group, to play their respective advantages and teamwork skills, and ultimately achieve the best results of the group.

Interpersonal communication:

Students will establish a profound friendship in the classroom learning and visited the school, make friends all over the world, to help each other to solve the problem.

Study plan:

Close contact with Harvard, MIT professor and students at the school, and personally visited Harvard, Yale, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, California University and other schools, so as to better plan for the future application. The Harvard professor's signature guitar lessons better for students to apply for the certificate of chelseagreat.

We are fully equipped for,

Look forward to your joining!

Ivy tour, wonderful tour!

Detailed schedule

Line one: the future leader of the United States, Harvard University, the experience of the elite

Age: 13-25

Departure date: Mid July 2016

Telephone: 0631-5127897,5127893