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How would you like to spend this summer vacation——Come to the 2016 IVY Summer Camp for something dif

how would you like to spend this summer vacation?

Maybe you will immersed in a mountain of homework——

like every previous holiday in the summer,

Indulging in dazzling computer games,

Studying in boring classes…

Maybe you have inadvertently looked out of the window——

Curious about the scenery beyond the ocean ,

What a beautiful landscape there。

Perhaps, you would give yourself a chance——

Kick off work,throw away games,and refuse to class!

Pack your bags,and travel across the ocean with like-minded partners,

Arrived in the world of the infinite curiosity。

I determine my studying journey!

Route 1: elite course at Harvard University For Future Leader


Harvard University, Massachusetts institute of technology, Yale university, Princeton university, the university of California

Places of Interests:

Disneyland, universal studios, the statue of liberty, Wall Street, aerospace museum...

Trip characteristics:

Creative thinking: Students could learn from Harvard professor and involve in the compulsory courses, and they could also enjoy freedom of mind storm speculative process; MIT professor, tutor pro would give scientific enlightenment obligatory.

Planning skills: Harvard and MIT professors would give students unique ways of thinking and motivate the students' leadership potential, which is useful for growing students experience in today's society.

Maturity: Say goodbye the flowers in the greenhouse, and try to deal with the difficulties of life and learning, and change life habit of exercise and thinking mode.

Teamwork: students will form a team in the class discussions, and members would play their respective advantages and team cooperation ability, which eventually get team the best grades.

Interpersonal communication: students will be involve in the classroom to learn, during which they could establish profound friendship, make friends all over the world, and help each other to solve the problem.

Study planning: In Harvard and MIT, the school teachers and students would in close contact, which would be a better plan for the future application. Harvard professor of certificate signing session would make a good addition to the application.

Route 2: Real class experience in famous universities


Harvard University, MIT, Columbia University, of the city of San Diego

Places of Interests:

Disneyland, universal studios, the statue of liberty, OLD TOWN San Diego aerospace museum, the White House...

Trip characteristics:

Exotic cultures: Explore Disneyland and universal studios theme park. Feel the atmosphere of entertainment capital of the world.

Language: Learn in the most beautiful city of Santiago in the western United States for a week. Study with students from all over the world to build a bridge, for deep friendship. Improve English communication skills. Arouse the students' interest in learning English, and cultivate English confidence.

Learning methods: through the classroom education mode, all-round to improve Chinese square method of study, fully mobilize students' initiative, fun.

Interpersonal communication: At the San Diego local host family, Students would experience the real life of local people; at the same time, they would exercise English communication ability. Communicate with American friends to discuss same class knowledge, culture for same age, and make the international friendship.

Future planning: students would visit the world famous Harvard University, Massachusetts institute of technology university, Columbia University, to feel the learning and campus atmosphere, which could encourage students to work hard, to prepare for possible future study abroad.

Route 3:British real class experience


university of Cambridge, university of Oxford, the university of Edinburgh, york university, university of Manchester, and king's college

Places of interests:

The London eye, the British museum, Thames cruises, york church, Shakespeare's former residence...

Trip Characteristics:

Exotic culture: Explore the depth of British cultural city, all-round experience the history of British culture essence and natural scenic spots.

Language ability: Study in local middle school English education, an official certification of ESL courses. Immerse yourself into a pure English environment, and improve the pure English listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Interpersonal communication: check in the local host families, experience the British residents in real life, and to relate or interact with local residents and youth to improve communication ability and expand international exchanges.

Stepping into the top universities in the United States, and enjoying "brainstorming";

Wandering in the UK, feeling rich British amorous feelings of the foreign shocks;

Making friends from all over the world, doing peer-to-peer learning, and communicating culture;

Staying in host families, and experiencing the true exotic life...

IVY Oversea Summer Camp

Meet the unknown world, and meet myself.