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Weihai IVY International Preparatory School held a study tour in the United States

“You can either travel or read, but either your body or soul must be on the way.” So unity of travel and read, not just learn and grow from class. ( source: lin-lin Liu study comprehension)


The 2014 study tour  meeting was held in IVY (weihai) International Prep School with the theme  “memories, walk through together with happy times in the USA”, was attended by all the students and parents of the group. Teacher Vicky showed her elaborated PowerPoint, and teacher Ava did a comprehensive summary of the journey. The latter gave a high affirmation and praises to students who had excellent performance during the study tour. She also communicated with parents and students about the educational system between China and USA, as well as the educational content.

In response to the reports made, the parents were also happy to share what their children learned and how they changed tremendously after returning from the study tour. Their children became more sensible, more focused on communication and more  caring  of themselves and their family.




Wang Jiachen, Tang Jiayi, Qi Chenfu, Sun zhiyan, Shen Lianzhou, Sun Zitong, were the students who shared their experiences and expressed their feelings. Most of them had wonderfully gained a lot  from this study tour---the experiences of studying abroad and living style, trained them how to think more internationally and cultivated culture idea; accepted multi-cultural edification, growth experience and insights. They improved their listening and speaking in an English atmosphere. They also visited the world’s top universities, to rethink the positioning for the future study goal and development direction. “Warm, free, inclusive and diverse” constituted the living standards of the students mind. Through this trip, some students loved the warm sunshine of California, some students loved some cities, and some students are interested in one university, still others known some friends.  Thus, the impact will be in their hearts for a long time, plant the seeds, quietly to sprout, then intertwine with a dream come true.


“Experiencing multicultural activities cultivates independent quality” IVY (weihai) International School overseas camp will be with you in the next journey, be there or be square!