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Officially Certificated:
Weihai Ivy IPS is the exclusive training and examination center officially authorized by CIE in Weihai. One package service makes applying for studying overseas much easier.

As the training and placing center for foreign teachers in Shandong Province, we have a wide range of senior, experienced, and qualified foreign teachers.

Beautiful Environment:
The headquarters, surrounded by mountains and sea, has the most suitable environment for students to concentrate on studying, both with devotion of mental and physical cultivation. The branch school is located in downtown where transport is so convenient for short-term training. Besides, we have 24 hours monitoring system ensuring students’ safety.

Best quality-oriented education:
We have advanced sailing training and classes of golf, baking, drama, music to improve students’ comprehensive quality.

Mature Experience on Management:
With over Sixteen years of management experiences, responsible and professional teachers would be a part of your success!