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A-Level (The Advanced Level General Certificate of Education) is Britain's national education curriculum. It is also the main test program for pre-university students in Britain. A Level courses have a direct link with the general secondary education, advanced level courses, and its performance is equivalent to China's "College Entrance Exam", so in the UK, students can bring their A Level results for direct entry to university.

The A Level curriculum was officially opened in 1951, with more than 50 years of history. A-Level divides its courses according to disciplines. The main subjects include: English language and literature, mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, history, geography, economics, art and design, music, modern foreign languages, business studies, accounting, film and television media, computing and emerging disciplines. The A Level school system lasts for two years. The first year is AS Level which involves studying AS Level and passing the examination to obtain a certificate; the second year is called A2 Level. In the AS Level, students choose four courses, with the best students having the option to choose more. During the A2 phase, the second year of A Level, students can reduce their study to three subjects. A Level is not compulsory, and students can choose courses based on their own interest or subject direction.

Of the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK, the four large English speaking countries, only Britain has a national curriculum and national curriculum assessment monitoring system. Thus, A Level is the English-speaking world's most mature high school education curriculum, which has been widely recognized around the world. With A Level results, students can be enrolled in the United States, Canada and all English-speaking countries’ universities. Students can also apply for admission to any university in France and Germany. On a global scale, A Level courses have been widely used in international schools and local bilingual schools, for example in Singapore, where A Level exams are the country's formal higher education entrance examination.