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In terms of curriculum, our school has a strong focus on maximizing things for the advantages of Chinese students. Chinese students chose relatively easy courses to obtain excellent results, and can develop a good foundation for future professional development courses. With the rapid development of international education, more and more Chinese students are choosing A-Level. We conscientiously sum up the experience of the past, realizing that Chinese students generally have the advantage of relying solely on the results, so the probability of entering the world's top universities is increasingly lower. Therefore, strengthening the curriculum development, while retaining the advantages of Chinese students, we aim to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Our school focuses on their studies and students pay more attention to overall development. In order to broaden professional thinking and knowledge, we invite experts and professors who hold academic lectures for students.

In addition to English language requirements, our school offers core CIE courses including mathematics 1, further mathematics, physics, chemistry, economics and business studies. Meanwhile, the school acknowledges first-class foreign university admission standards change and the need for students to choose courses which suit their capabilities and expectations.