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AboutSince the establishment of Weihai Ivy Sailing Club (WHIVY) in 2011, it has been dedicated to the popularization and promotion of family sailing culture, sailing spirit and youth sailing educat...


The Ivy Speech Cup is a traditional academic activity for...


In order to appeal to the general public about using envi...


The progress of the students requires the joint efforts of the school and the parents alike.


With the recent film "Better Days", more and more attenti...


On the afternoon of November 6th, the IVY Autumn "Three-P...

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Small class teaching: no more than 15 students in each class, teacher - student ratio 1:3
Customizing: personalize the class schedule according to students' learning characteristics


Focusing on the improvement of students' language ability
Global synchronous Cambridge courses
Various high-end academic competitions
Regular international academic exchange
Prestigious university interviewer: strongly help with students' application
Studying overseas: ease your worries of going abroad

College Counseling

Sea view Campus: a gracefull and quiet place for study
Sailing base: cultivate well-rounded students

The most beautiful campus

English teaching environment

Introduction of original English textbooks
Bilingual teachers from China and abroad

Sense of responsibility

Home-school cooperation: build a bridge of communication between home and school
Class supervisor system: all-round student management
Dormitory management: care for students 7 days a week & 24 hours a day
100% Guarantee
Professional faculty   
Teachers with educational ideals, courage to challenge themselves, profound professional literacy, and the integration of Chinese and western cultures. Foreign teachers come from all over the world like the United States, Britain, Korea and Australia. In addition to that, there are bilingual teachers with overseas learning or working experience, and excellent masters and doctors from domestic key universities.
Abundant teaching experience  
Foreign teachers are globally recruited with rich A-level teaching experience. They not only have international teaching experience in different countries, but also use multi language communication fluently, so as to better help students to learn multilingual language and cultivate their international perspective.
Providing humanistic care
In addition to tutoring courses, teachers also provide more humanistic care to students, to fully understand each student's situation through a variety of ways and become the students' good teachers and true friends.

Education is life, the guide of wisdom in children's heart , soul and mind.